Coming Home


After 25 years of living an exciting and wonderful life overseas, I have come back to my home town, to the place that created the foundation of me.  It has often been said that you can never go home.  I suppose this is basically true.  Home will never be the place you remember from your childhood.  It will always look different through the eyes of prolonged absence.  But there are times when going home is the only answer.  Sometimes when life has gotten so strange and big, when the journey has taken you off in so many directions all at once, going home can actually be a way to center oneself again and combine the person you were with the one you have become. And sometimes when the road you seemed to be traveling so peacefully comes to an abrupt halt, coming home can be like a jump-start into the next chapter of life.

The Decatur Transfer House

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Private Meccas


Whenever I find myself in a new place I ineveitably end up looking for a place to think, to get away from everyone and everything and find solitude.  A place to commune with myself and absorb and take in all that is around me.  It may sound strange but I find it absolutely necessary.  When my senses are being bombarded by new faces, new experiences, new flavors of life, I find that I need to find a place to go to and absorb it all, take it in, weigh it and balance it and finally make it mine.  If we are truely the sum of our experiences I don’t want to miss a thing.  I want everything to count.

Lake Decatur

Hello World !!!

Laura in Torrelodones, Madrid, Spain

It has taken me a long time to get to this place.   I feel fortunate to have made it this far.  Life has a way of taking unexpected twists and turns until we finally realize that we are part of the Journey.  The journey is life itself.  Accepting the changes that life brings our way is always challenging and always enriching.  I didn’t always believe this but coming to this point of acceptance has been the biggest part of the journey  I am ready to move  forward now..