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Hello 47


Happy Birthday to me,  Happy Birthday to Me,  Happy Birthday dear Meeeee,  Happy Birthday to ME!

Well here is my post to welcome my new year.     I googled the meaning of the number 47 and there was some pretty far out stuff but I was looking for the opptomistic side of this new beginning year and what I found that pleased me was:

The first book of the Bible, Genesis, begins with these words…In the beginning….   It then goes on to narrating the beginning of the world as we know it.

Verse Number 47 says simply this:  ” And God saw that it was good ”

I am hoping that this will be a good omen to the beginning of my 47th year…that it will be an expression of this new chapter of my life and that when God looks at my progress he will be able to say ”  It was good ”

For the moment I will begin this new year with a practice I have been following since I began this Self Portrait….

Here it is..produced by pummelvision:    Hello 47