Reach Out To The World


I love technology.  This is a true statement.  I use technology as the tool that it was meant to be.  I blog, I Facebook, I eBay, I surf.  And while all of this is true and I get a great deal of enjoyment from it…it is equally true that whenever something new comes into our lives the pendulum of balance swings hard and we find ourselves indulging in excess.  This goes on for a while until we feel the strain and imbalance of it all and then we try to even things out a bit.  I work in a museum and therefore I enjoy preserving the past.  There are all kinds of ways to preserve the past and the one I want to address here, is the fast dying habit of letter writing and post cards.  I just have to say that while technology beats the snail mail in terms of efficiency and speed, it cannot replace the fun experienced when you find something tangible and beautiful in your home mail box.  I hate to see the nations postal systems relegated to the service of fun only but every little bit counts.  I discovered a web site, actually through a book that I was reading, that is trying to preserve the age-old tradition of the postcard.  Many people collect both the post card and the stamps that usually accompany them.  What better way to reach out and touch the world then by sending and receiving beautiful and unique pictures.  The web site I am referring to is :  On this site you can register yourself and sign up to be part of a postcard swap lottery.  They provide you with addresses of participants all around the world and when you have sent off your post cards and the recipient has received them and enters your ID number to register the receipt of your card, then your name enters in the lottery to be a recipient.   I am new to this and have sent off 4 postcards and now I am waiting for my recipients to register them..I have sent postcards to Russia, Germany, California & Taiwan.   You can even do direct swaps with those that choose that option which allows you to enter into a more pen-pal type experience.  This is a choice not an obligation.  I can’t wait for my daughter to get back from her vacation in Spain, so I can sign her up and get her Reaching out to the World.  And as I sit here writing this I am struck at how technology is also helping to preserve the old ways.  After all we couldn’t have this same kind of postal swap without the internet and the web pages that help us get things going.   So there you go, internet holding hands with snail mail.  🙂  I like it ! 

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