Life’s Messages


Have you ever been wandering around town or someplace new and been confronted in bold type with some message that seems put there especially for you ?  This seems to happen to me quite often and since I always have a camera on me, I always snap a picture to remember what I am supposed to learn.  Sometimes I think of this as God speaking to me through the objects that cross my path.  Sometimes the messages are up-beat and sometimes they are more solemn.

Here in my hometown I have places that I have referred to as my personal Meccas.  There is one in particular that I use when my heart seems intent on feeling sorry for itself.  I go there to wallow in misery and cry if I need to.  I use this place to purge my soul of all the down emotions so that I can move onto something better…This place I go is actually a beautiful place to sit and wallow, or just think.  The only reason it became my place to go to and purge my soul is because it’s name is so appropriate.  I think the name Mud Flats is perfect for the kind of feelings that I often go there to purge.  I just kind of stumbled upon this fact one particularly sad night.  The whole concept of mud or mire just seemed to fit the feelings that were weighing down my heart.  The curious thing is, is that mud flats is actually a beautiful place to sit and enjoy the lake.   So by the time I have loosened all the mire in my heart, I can then sit back and repair the spiritual damage before I get up and leave.  I leave the mud and the mire there on the flats and go home pounds lighter then when I got there.

Sometimes the lessons are more direct.  No messing around.  They just go straight to the point.

This moment is what we have.  Yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn’t here yet.  Today, this moment is the one we are living.  I try to keep that in mind always.  Life is full of stumbling blocks and challenges, some cannot be solved in that very moment.  Some have to be allowed to grow, age and mellow and then the answer just sort of reveals itself.  For those times, I try to remember that This Moment is the one that counts, it is the one that is here and now and will be the lesson that serves me tomorrow.

Lastly, when all the thought is thought and all the living is lived….what is left is simply this…

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