Road Trip !!! To Paducah KY


I had the opportunity for a spur of the moment road trip.  I had to take my Mom down to southern Illinois to meet up with a friend.  I decided to go a little further south and re-visit one of my  favorite museums.  The National Quilt Museum.  This museum I would qualify in one sentence:  ”  A Feast For The Eyes ”   You do not in any way need to be a quilter, or even interested in quilting to love this museum.  The quilts on exhibit here come from are genres in quilting and can be categorized as works of art.  They are like exquisite paintings in fabric.  The quilt museum displays men and women quilters both as well as quilters from other countries.  The building itself is delightful and if you are interested in quilting you can sign up for one of their many workshops with master quilters to guide you.

The Quilters Museum is not all there is to see in Paducah.  There is a beautiful historic district with many interesting eateries and antique shops. 

And if there is one thing the city of Paducah knows how to do well it would be the creation of the most astounding and decorated floodwall.  The city of Paducah sits on the banks of the Ohio river, one of the nation’s main water ways. The Ohio river along with rivers like the great Mississippi and the Missouri were the roads for westward travelers in a time when there were no roads.   Like most river towns Paducah lives with the threat of the river overflowing and flooding the historic downtown.  In response to this on-going threat the city has built a floodwall and this floodwall they have decorated with beautiful mural depicting scenes of national interest, technological advancements, scenes of life in a river town and local monuments.  The effect is both astounding and charming all at the same time.  The floodwall is visible both from the National Quilt Museum and from the Historic Downtown. 

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